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2004 Nebraska Association Awards Banquet
Church of the Holy Spirit - 520 South 18th Street, Plattsmouth
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Award Winners  .doc  .pdf

Athletes' names listed from left to right.  Click on picture to see larger image.

Jim Kindig Junior Olympic Cross Country Athletes Of The Year MB Jared Kenney, YG Emily Sisson

All-Nebraska Cross Country Team MG Chelsey Poole, IG Ashley Schnell, BG Heather Bates, YG Brittany Poole, BB Bailey Roth, YG Ali Gress, BB Mick Prather, YB Adam Mitteis, BG Sydney Gress

World Youth Track & Field Team Athlete YW Michaela Wallerstedt

New Association Record Holders YM Robert Rands, MB Jared Kenney, IG Jenny Svoboda, YG Emily Sisson, YB Seth Sejkora, YG Mallory Murdoch, IB Lukas Hulett, IG Jordan Williams

Kip McEwen Junior Olympic Race Walk Athlete Of The Year BG Morgan Liedke

Russ White Junior Olympic Combined Event Athletes Of The Year YG Mallory Murdoch, YB Thomas Filer

Junior Olympic Track & Field Athletes Of The Year YB Chris Vacanti, BG Avrie Welton, IG Jenny Svoboda, BB Jesse Foster, IB Jason Paczkowski, MB Jon Williams, YW Michaela Wallerstedt, YG Emily Sisson, YM Robert Rands

National Junior Olympic Track & Field Relay Medalists North Omaha Bengals Youth Boys 4x800: Jeron Hall, Xavier Baylon, Tyrelle Hardy, Xavier Arnold

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team BB Mitchell Harling, BG Heather Bates, BB Bailey Roth, BG Sydney Gress, BB Terry Grigsby, BG DeAmber Hulett

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team MG Kaylee Gress, MG Charlsie Morris, MB Brandon Fitzsimmons, MG Chelsey Poole, MB Grant Harms, MB Josh Meeker, MB Jared Kenney
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All-Nebraska Track & Field Team YG Brittany Poole, YG LaShawntae Williams, YG Bianca Mata, YB John Musil, YB Michael Schinstock, YB Seth Sejkora

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team IG Alicia Marteney, IG Samantha Musil, IG Ashley Schnell, IG Sarah Pierson, IG Jordan Williams, IG Cassie Styers

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team IB Matt Conahan, IB Peter Falcon, IB Jake Hanley, IB Brian Real, IB Lukas Hulett, IB Jacob Wilson, IB Matt Schmailzl

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team YW Krissy DeRouchey, YM Andrew Kanngieser, YW Reshial Marks, YM Eric Rickert, YW Clare Voigtlander, YM Kyle Sempek, YW Jessica Renshaw

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