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Thank you to all the athletes, families, and coaches that attended!  Have an idea to improve the banquet?  Let Darwin know.

2010 Nebraska Association Awards Banquet
Church of the Holy Spirit - 520 South 18th Street, Plattsmouth
Sunday, January 23, 2011, 1:30 p.m.

To get a full banquet program with athlete bios (and in color!), e-mail Darwin.

Athletes' names listed from left to right.  Click on a picture to see a larger image.

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
SBG Eve Fountain, SBG Desyree McGhee, SBB Matthew Medill, SBB Anthony White

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
BG Sadie Rush, BG Miche Wilson, BB DeAndre Butts, BB Jevyon Ducker, BB Jarrett Proby

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
MG Alyssa Duval, MG Kennedy Gochenour, MG Deja Johnson, MG Kathleen Medill, MG Molina Otte, MB K.J. Cotton, MB Andy Vasquez

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
YG Lauren Doeschot, YG Aaliyah Griego-Turner, YG Paige Hackman, YB Wiley Nichols, YB Ryan Sanchez, YB Reid Shubert

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
IG Nakita Brewer, IG Taryn Derickson, IG Taylor White-Welchen, IB Terry Grigsby

All-Nebraska Track & Field Team
YW Clara Nichols, YM John Ingold

Junior Olympic Race Walk Athlete of the Year
MB Andy Vasquez

Junior Olympic Combined Event Athletes of the Year
BG Maranda Saltzman, IB Jett Baker

Junior Olympic Track & Field Athletes of the Year
MB Elijah Zoucha, MG Katelyn Gochenour, BG Kennedy Berreckman, BG Morghan Mace, YG Rebekah Topham, YB Kenzo Cotton, IG Michelle Wallerstedt

New Association Record Holders
MG Katelyn Gochenour, MB Elijah Zoucha, YG Rebekah Topham, YG Lauren Doeschot, YB Kenzo Cotton, IG Michelle Wallerstedt

All-Nebraska Cross Country Team
MG Molina Otte, BG Ally Lunzmann, BB Jackson Witcofski, MB Andy Vasquez, IB Andrew McVea

Junior Olympic Cross Country Athlete of the Year
YG Rebekah Topham

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