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Saturday, December 11
USATF National Cross Country Championships - Busse Woods Forest Reserve - Schaumburg, Illinois
Thanks to Linda Bates and Mike Kenney for the pictures

Heather in the Bantam Girls race Heather in the Bantam Girls race Sydney and Heather after the Bantam Girls race Heather, Ali, and Sydney with their medals Lauren in the Midget Girls race Jared before the Midget Boys race
Jared near the end of his race Jared after winning his race Jared gets congratulations from Coach Wissler Jordan near the end of the Midget Boys race Midget Boys medalists - Jared in 1st! Coach Wissler and the Flyer runners
Flyers chowing down

Other 2004 cross country pictures

Justin finishing in the Nebraska Age Group meet at Bellevue West, October 31 Flyers at Metro Cross Country, October 7 - Brittany, Jenny, Aiyda, Lindsey, Bianca, Chris, Peter, Matt, Ryan, and Jacob Heather, Sydney, and Chelsey at the start of the Bellevue Jr. High Invitational at Bellevue West, September 7

Tuesday, July 27 to Sunday, August 1
USATF National Junior Olympic Championships - University Of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
Thanks to Gregg Liedke for the pictures

Bantam Girls 1500 meter race walk medalists - Morgan 8th Coach Bowerman and Morgan Justin and Morgan at the Pre monument Morgan's number Athletes and Coaches - Samantha, Jenny, Clare, Coach Gibbons, Coach Rainbolt, Matt, Peter, John, Seth, Coach Gushard, Jacob, LeRon, Chris, Allie, Coach Wilson, Coach Wissler, Jon, Bianca, Jordan, Emily, and Hadley Young Men/Women and Intermediates - Samantha, Jenny, Clare, Coach Gibbons, Coach Rainbolt, Matt, Peter, Coach Wilson, Coach Gushard, Coach Wissler, Jacob, LeRon, Allie, and Jordan
Youths and Midgets - Coach Rainbolt, Coach Wilson, Coach Gibbons, John, Seth, Chris, Coach Wissler, Hadley, Jon, Bianca, and Emily Throwers - Samantha, Jenny, Clare, John, Seth, Matt, Coach Gushard, Hadley, Jon, and Bianca Distance runners - Coach Wissler, Coach Wilson, Allie, Peter, Jordan, Jacob, and Emily Horizontal jumpers - Coach Rainbolt, LeRon, and Coach Gibbons

Saturday, July 17
Cornhusker State Games - Nebraska Wesleyan University - Lincoln, Nebraska
Thanks to Gregg Liedke for the pictures

Bantam Girls 800m medalists - Heather 1st, Morgan 2nd Bantam Boys 1500 meter medalists - Justin 3rd Justin shows off his medal

Wednesday, June 30 to Sunday, July 4
USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships - Morgan State University - Baltimore, Maryland

Other 2004 track & field pictures

Kaylee throwing discus at the Lincoln Jets Invitational, May 2 Amber throwing discus at the Lincoln Jets Invitational, May 2 Justin running at the Kansas City Memorial Day Classic, May 29 State JO Bantam Girls 1500 meter race walk medalists - Morgan 2nd State JO Bantam Girls 1500 meter medalists - Sydney 1st, Heather 2nd, Bailey 3rd, and Morgan 4th


Saturday, December 13
USATF National Cross Country Championships - Lovelace Soccer Complex - Bernalillo, New Mexico

Coach Johnston, Coach Wissler, and the Bantam Girls 3rd place team: Lauren, Kolby, Sydney, Morgan, Bailey, and Gabby

Tuesday, July 29 to Sunday, August 3
USATF National Junior Olympic Championships - Tropical Park Stadium - Miami, Florida
Thanks to Coach Rainbolt and Mabel (Jack Lemke's grandmother) for the pictures

Welcome to sunny Miami! Cassie Styers, 3rd place, IG high jump Cassie and Coach Rainbolt Flyers watch BB Jon Williams in the mini-jav Who says watching track meets is boring? Merideth Snow, 1st place, IG 3000 meter run
Merideth again Merideth and Coach Wissler A common sight... waiting for a medal Ali Gress, 5th place, YG 3000 meter run Peter Falcon, 6th place, YB 3000 meter run Another common sight... attentive kids at a team meeting (yeah, right)
Watching the Marlins from the cheap seats (and Matt's prepared for rain) Three Flyers make the Intermediate Girls 1500 meter run finals... ...and all place!  Ashley Schnell 8th, Allie Abdouch 7th, Merideth Snow 3rd Merideth, Allie, Ashley Derek, is that an alligator or a crocodile over there?  Derek?? YM 4x800 relay -- Ben, Greg, A.J., Jack -- before taking the bronze
Beach, here we come: Ian, Greg, LeRon, Jack, Derek, Bobby, and Abiola Jack takes 7th place in the 800 meter run Team photo... Jon Williams spots a UFO The baby-sitters... er, I mean... adults that went to Miami

Wednesday, July 2 to Sunday, July 6
USATF Youth Athletics National Championships - University At Buffalo - Amherst, New York
Thanks to Mabel (Jack Lemke's grandmother), Deb Styers, and Gina Minnick for the pictures

Greg Peterson and Jack Lemke go 1-3 in the YM 800... here's proof! Greg and Jack, and two kids they beat, with their medals Neeia Cooperwood with a friend Jack and Erin Fogarty mug for the camera while Greg quenches his thirst Girls just wanna have fun... and get their picture taken Jack and Coach Wissler in a Kodak moment
Cassie Styers, Megan Mejstrik, and Matt Schmailzl wait for medals Flyers hang out under the tent; Jeff Carne ponders the meaning of life Cornhusker Flyers: 2003 National Champions! Mack Daddy Jack and his posse Flyers wait for the meet's last event... the 4x400 meter relay More Flyers wait for the 4x400 relays
UB Stadium Ryan Doke readies for the YM 4x400 meter relay Flyers await the final team scores Waiting... Still waiting... Sigh... still waiting...
Coach Wissler and Sue Boyd YW 4x400, 6th place: Jonel Rossbach, Erin Fogarty, Stephanie Williams, Kym Bennett YM 4x400, 6th place: Ryan Doke, Greg Peterson, Jack Lemke, A.J. Lawton Flyers YM and YW 4x400 meter relays Flyers Young Men's team: National Runner-Ups Cornhusker Flyers: National Champions!
Flyers wait to leave for the dress-up dinner Flyer Girls: National Champions! Abby Lemke, Greg Peterson, Jack Lemke Flyer Intermediate Girls: National Champions! Flyer Intermediate Girls and Boys: National Champions! Flyer Boys: National Champions!
Sprinters Jumpers Ryan Doke Craig Lemke and Dan Fogarty The people behind the cameras The people behind the cameras again
The hungry people waiting for the people behind the cameras More people standing around Combined eventers Joe LaBat, LeRon Williams, Zach Michels Candice Mills, Stephanie Williams, Betsy Miller Betsy Miller, Jack Lemke, Aiyda Ghahramani
Libby DiBiase and Cassie Styers Clare Voigtlander, Samantha Musil, Jenny Svoboda Megan Mejstrik, Sarah Pierson, Merideth Snow Alyssa Doke and Clare Voigtlander ?, Neeia Cooperwood, Brittani Bates-LaBat, Alexandria Gochenour Brittany Poole, Allie Abdouch, Jordan Williams
Ali Gress, Ashley Schnell, Nicki Thomas, Jenny Rubin Sue Boyd, Mabel, ? James Robinson, Matt Hoffman, Greg Peterson Max Milder, Krissy DeRouchey, Jeff Carne Cassie Styers, Bobby Musil, Brandon Skocz Greg Peterson, Libby DiBiase, Cassie Styers
Kids chatting it up Abby Lemke, Jordan Bieranowski, Jonel Rossbach Chelsey Poole and Emily Rath Kevin Crowell, Jacob Wilson, Ryan Reynolds, Tyler Nieland Jonel Rossbach and Alyssa Doke Some boys playing a hockey game
Jonel and Alyssa help Joe at pool Girls playing pool Brittani watches the game intently Emily and Brittani enjoy a cool treat at Six Flags More Flyer kids at Six Flags Jon Williams wins a... uh... something
Debra and Josh Kage Abby Lemke, Alyssa Doke, Jonel Rossbach, Zach Michels Candice Mills, Neeia Cooperwood, Ali Gress Coach Wissler and Sue Boyd Cindy Svoboda, a thirsty Merideth Snow, Allison Hartnett, Denise Snow Ashley and Dave Schnell, Jeff Carne, Bill DeRouchey, Dan Fogarty
Chris and Sarah Pierson Coach Gibbons Some Flyers at Six Flags Lauren Sutherland, Jenny Rubin, Matt Schmailzl at the airport More Flyers at the airport Still more Flyers at the airport (at least you're not busing to Cleveland)
Flyer Girls, National Champions! Intermediate Girls, National Champions! Intermediate Boys and Girls, National Champions! Flyer Boys, National Champions! Throwers Sprinters
Jumpers Distance Runners Combined Eventers Parents and Coaches Dress-up Dinner #1 Dress-up Dinner #2
Dress-up Dinner #3 Dress-up Dinner #4 Dress-up Dinner #5 Dress-up Dinner #6 Dress-up Dinner #7 Dress-up Dinner #8
Dress-up Dinner #9 Dress-up Dinner #10 Flyers' trophies Not your national champion 8-ball team UB Stadium Get these kids outta my room!

Pictures from 2000 to 2002    Pictures from 2005 to 2009