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Cornhusker Flyers ALUMNI PAGE

This page contains information on former Flyers, including a list of those competing in college sports, as well as short profiles on former Flyer athletes and coaches.  Plus, links to businesses run by former Flyers.  If you have any news about a Flyer alum, please let the club know.  Thanks!

(Years with Flyers in parentheses.  All competing in track & field, unless noted otherwise.)

Ellie Akough Ellie Akough (2017-19)
University of Oregon

Ian Bruggeman Ian Bruggeman (2013-14)
Huntingdon College

Aaron English Aaron English (2014-17)
Wayne State College
high jump

Jake Heitkamp Jake Heitkamp (2013)
Doane University
high jump

Grace Lamski Grace Lamski (2014-16)
South Dakota State University

Kailey Lane Kailey Lane (2010)
University of Kansas

Haley Miller Haley Miller (2015-17)
Doane University

Max Murrell Max Murrell (2010-14)
Stanford University

Molina Otte Molina Otte (2009-11)
Baldwin Wallace University
cross country

Emma Ralston Emma Ralston (2013-14)
University of Nebraska
cross country

Jake Ralston Jake Ralston (2013-14)
University of Kansas
cross country

Ellie Rupprecht Ellie Rupprecht (2010-16)
Western Colorado University

Nate Rupprecht Nate Rupprecht (2010-16)
Dakota Wesleyan University
combined events

Jack Slagle Jack Slagle (2013-17)
University of Nebraska
cross country

Rebekah Topham Rebekah Topham (2006-14)
Wichita State University
graduate student

Please submit any additions, corrections, or deletions to the club.

USA Track & Field, 2007-present USA Track & Field, 1993-2006 The Athletics Congress, 1981-1992 Amateur Athletic Union, 1977-1980 ALUMNI PROFILES

These are personal profiles of former Flyer athletes and coaches, recounting their days with the club.

Patrick Bloomingdale    Kelly Cizek    Marc Hultquist    Tom Klein    Jesse Kruger    Nancy (Loterbour) Kneifl    Trasi (Martin) Fletcher    Danny Marousek    Tonya McMillion    Ashley Miller    Kristin (Whitted) Fasbender    Matt Wiltse   

athlete 1986-87  e-mail
I ran across the Cornhusker Flyers alumni page and seeing all those alumni sure brought back some fond memories.  I ran for the Flyers in 1986 and 1987 during my time at Omaha Westside High School.  I loved those grueling summer practices, training with great runners like Brian Sloan (Ralston), Dave Gibbons (Bellevue East), and Jason Teal (Elkhorn Mount Michael).  The road trips were a blast as well, especially the one up in Okoboji!  I ran the 5,000 meters and 3,000 meter steeplechase with the Flyers.  During college, I ran in many 800 and 400 meter races in open meets, winning the men's open 400 meters at the Cornhusker State Games one year and finishing second the following year.  I was also an assistant track coach at Omaha Westside for two years while in college.  I currently am married with two great kids and am the Deputy Douglas County Administrator for Douglas County, Nebraska.  Thanks for some great experiences and memories and I wish you continued success!
(submitted January 19, 2012)

athlete 1986-91, coach 1992-93  e-mail
For many of us, Flyers was a way of life for a long time.  It is nice not only to see that the traditions are continuing but also that the history is being remembered.  I competed in high jump from midget through young women's, finishing in '91 and then coaching for a couple more years.  Coach Wissler has done a fabulous job for so many years keeping the spirit of track alive nation wide.  The success of his former athletes is a real tribute to him.  Without the Flyers many of us would have pursued different sports or activities.  I competed for the University of Oklahoma from 1992-97 in track and in basketball in 1997.  After graduation, I was an administrator in the OU Athletic Department and a women's basketball radio broadcaster.  In 2003, I accepted a new position at San Diego State as the Assistant Athletic Director.  Sorry I missed Bing's wedding.  I had hoped to see many of you there.  Don't worry I'm keeping tabs on everyone through my parents!  Where is she now?
(submitted May 31, 2001; updated April 9, 2004)

athlete 1989-96, coach 1997  e-mail
When I showed up for my first Flyers practice nearly 13 years ago, Coach John Wissler wanted me to run the 400.  After that day's workout, I'm sure he was pretty well convinced I was a field-eventer.  My name is Kelly Cizek and next year I will be a 5th year senior at Iowa State.  I play basketball there and have one more year of eligibility.  I will graduate in December with a double-major in Journalism and Sociology.  After being in college for the better part of a decade, you have a significant amount of time to realize that you are soon going to be in the real world.  Ahhh.  Anyway, after b-ball season is over I think I'll devote most of my time to planning my wedding which is scheduled for next summer (right around National JO time in Omaha).  I high jumped for the Flyers for about 10 years, and coached for another year after that.  I was a national champion 10 times.  I am still indirectly involved in the Flyers, as my parents are still helping with the club.  It was so rewarding to actually be involved in something that gave you a chance to see the country as well as compete against the nation's best athletes.  I remember how much fun it was to watch my teammates compete, and how excited I would get to wear those striking uniforms, because everybody knew where you belonged once they saw those colors.  I have to mention some names too, like Kristen did, because without these guys, my experience wouldn't have been as memorable as it was-- so a big hello to Kristen, Jenny B., Brian, Jenny R, Mouse, Odie, Jeff, Mike (the honorable), Don, Danny, Lee-Daniel, Lyon, Dana, Paige, Webs, Corn and of course my sisters Duck and Lou.  There are so many people I would love to say hi to, so feel free to email me at  It would be so nice to hear from you.  Another big thanks and hello to coaches Wissler, Klien bros, Gibbons, Murray, Blackledge, and Rainbolt.  Thanks for teaching me the art of heavy-duty mat drills.  I'll never forget our "sticky fingers" or those huge bugs in Louisiana that we couldn't get rid of.  I'll also won't soon forget those early morning plane rides and wearing those polos--and every year throwing Wissler in the pool after the pool party.  To all of you current members-- I hope you guys keep the Flyers tradition of excellence going for a long time.  Best Wishes, Kelly
(submitted May 25, 2001)

athlete 1986-87
Marc and Crystal Hultquist are the proud parents of Seth Alan Hultquist, born on June 29, 2007 at 11:46 p.m., weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring in at 20¾" long.
(submitted July 1, 2007)

athlete 1979-85, coach 1986-92
I started running with the Flyers in the Fall of 1979, as part of a Midget Boys Cross Country Team.  I began competing in both Cross Country and Track for the Flyers during my Freshman Season in high school (1981-82), and continued to compete in middle distance and distance events until I graduated from Omaha Westside in 1985.  I was never fortunate enough to be a National Champion with the Flyers, but I did manage to finish 2nd at the in the Intermediate Boys 800 Meters at the TAC (now USATF) National Championships in Dayton, Ohio in 1983.  I continued to compete in Track and Cross Country at Nebraska Wesleyan from Fall 1985 to Spring 1987.  After I finished competing with Flyers, I did volunteer to be an assistant coach for John Wissler starting in Summer 1986.  I primarily coached Steeplechase and Distance runners at that time.  In Fall of 1987, I was an assistant coach for both Cross Country in the Fall and Track in the Summer.  I continued to Coach while finishing my undergraduate degree at Nebraska-Omaha in 1989 and completing my Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law in May of 1992.  Due to having to get a real job as an attorney, my last season of coaching the Flyers was Cross Country in the Fall of 1992.  Although I enjoyed almost every kid I coached, I think my greatest memory with the Flyers was at the 1990 Junior Olympic National Meet in Lincoln when the Intermediate Girls 4 x 800 (Kristin Whitted, Amy Molcyk, Kris Winbinger, and Denise Menendez) won a National Championship and 10 minutes later the Intermediate Boys 4 x 800 (Tim Fortune, Matt Mullinex, Mike Cain, and Mickey Meckna) won a National Championship and just missed a National record.  I enjoyed every minute that I was an athlete and coach with the Flyers.  Looking back on some of the insane workouts that we did back in the day makes me wonder what we were doing.  I fondly (?) remember doing 8 x 1000 finishing up the big hill to the flag pole when it would be about 105 degrees.  Seriously, days that we had meets were easy compared to the practices we would put in.  Traveling with the team was awesome!  Some of the best memories I have were traveling to places like Provo, Spokane, Walnut CA, Reno, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philly, New York, etc.  For me, the Flyers were more than just a track club, it was like family.  Some of my best lifelong friends came from either being former teammates with the Flyers, athletes I coached with the Flyers, or parents of kids I coached with the Flyers.  Since April 1993, I have been a litigation attorney with the law firm of Haessler, Sullivan & Klein in Wahoo, Nebraska.  During that entire time frame, I have also been the Saunders County Public Defender.  In July 1998, I got married to my wife, Sally.  We have two children, Michael who was born February 2002, and Joseph who was born in February 2004.  I would love to hear from some of the old gang out there.  Drop me a note at
(submitted December 27, 2017)

athlete 1996-99, coach 2000-02
My name is Jesse Kruger and I was a Flyer 96-99.  My main event was the High Jump.  Right now I am going to The University of Nebraska at Kearney and I am doing track for the Lopers.  This is my second year as a Loper.  In the 2000 season I did the High Jump, Hurdles, and the Decathlon.  My P.R's for the season were 6'7" in the High Jump, 16.24 in the Hurdles, and 4900 in my first Decathlon.  At indoor conference I Jumped 6'7" to get 3rd in the High Jump and I earned a spot on the all conference team.  As for outdoor I got hurt and sucked it up!  This year I am majoring Sports Management and working my butt in track practice to hit that 7' mark in the High Jump.  I have lots of memories from being a Flyer, but I don't think I should tell any of them.  If you know me you probably know what I am talking about.  I just want to say Good Luck to the future Flyers.  And the only way you'll get somewhere in life is, if you work hard and give the effort.
(submitted October 13, 2000)

athlete 1977-81, coach 2000-02  e-mail
I was the first female on the Flyers team, I was 8 years old in 1977, 40 years ago.  The uniforms were red, the next year they were multicolored.V There were only a handful of young kids on the team.  The first practice, I couldn't run all the way around the track once.  Wissler told my dad he wasn't sure track was going to be for me.  Wissler developed me into a pretty good runner, I still have the 400 record at Papillion Middle School, that was 35 years ago!  We used to practice at Ralston Middle School and it was a cinder track.  I was one of the few that brought a lot of water, he used to borrow my water to get the cinders off the hurdler's knees that fell.  I remember how much my father used to love to watch me run.  My daughter ran for Flyers and my parents were able to watch her run a relay at Nationals.  What I remember the most from my years at Flyers was what a wonderful coach Wissler was and all the great relationships formed between the athletes and the families. Years with Flyers as an athlete: 1977-1981.  Events participated in: 400, 800.  Years with Flyers as a coach: 2000.  I have a few old, old, old Flyers pictures here.
(submitted August 14, 2017)

athlete 1989-92  e-mail
Hmmm...where to start... Well I was a Flyer from ’89 – ’92, went to Millard North, you know the girls track team that came in SECOND three years in a row to Bellevue East, darn that Tonya McMillion!!  I will be COMPLETELY honest; I ran summer track for the fun!! And fun I did have. I competed in jumps mostly and dabbled in the sprints. I still recall the hellish practices in the heat and humidity.  But I guess that is why the Flyers are some of the best athletes around.  Some of my fondest summer memories are from the many trips I took with the team.  Spokane, Auburn, and Lafayette are among my favorites.  Even though it has been well over 9 years since I have run track I still get a tug in my heart as I pass a track meet in progress.  After high school I went to collage at Wayne State College.  It was close to home but not too close.  I got my degree in Corporate and Community Relations.  I graduated in the spring of ’97 and a week later headed out to California to join Matt, who is now my husband.  I have been living in Fresno for over 5 years now, man I can’t believe it has been that long.  I never though I would leave Omaha, but I guess if I had to go somewhere Fresno is as good as any place it is just like Omaha only it has better weather.  I work at an advertising agency.  I think that is about it.  I hope to hear from any of you former Flyers if you get a chance!!
(submitted June 26, 2002)

athlete 1990-93  e-mail
Pictures:  Son Macormick (born August 2006)  With Macormick  Family picture

athlete 1988-92  e-mail
Hey everyone... wassup??? I randomly ran into this page... I was bored one night and looked up my name on and saw someone had written... "that darn Tonya McMillon"... naturally it was Trasi (Martin) Fletcher... I think I gave her enough heck at flyers practice that I can't take offense... let's see what have I been up to... in '93 I ended up at brown university trying to run and do well in school... no easy task I'll tell you... after a couple of fun, yet hellish seasons I gave up track (it was tough... but necessary) and started concentrating on being a real student... turns out I loved my life as a student and I haven't looked back... after brown I moved to LA to work for Fox Sports in LA... then I went to London to cover NFL Europe... after that I moved back to Nebraska... after a few informative television jobs I decided to get the ol' masters degree at UNL... went to school and worked full time at huskervision... while I was there I ran into Mandy Brandt who worked downstairs as an academic counselor... we got together to gossip and reminisce... good times... I can't count the number of great people and great times... and HORRIBLE practices we had... well after the ol' masters... you'll never believe it... but i am now a professor of radio and television production at a small college in Iowa... yes I am educating the youth of America... BE AFRAID... VERY AFRAID... this is my first year... but so far I am having a blast... I also just freelanced with Monday Night Football... loads of fun... and I am sure some of you who still live in Nebraska are swearing that you have seen me on TV... yep, that's me... a girl has to make money some how... so I do commercials... easy work... good pay :p ... so it looks like I am still involved with sports... I have a faint yearning to run a marathon... hehehe... right... I'll let you know if it ever happens... I'm glad we have this website to keep in touch... I hope all of you are doing well... I miss those fun days... being a grown up can be such a pain :) ... email me if you get bored one night... I'm sure I'll be around :)
(submitted August 29, 2002)

athlete 1997-98  e-mail
I started with the Flyers as a Youth Girl in '97, competing in the jumps and hurdles.  In '98, I threw the javelin, too.  Then in '99, I injured my hamstring.  I go to Estrella Mountain Community College in Avondale, Arizona where I am majoring in Secondary Education.  I'm going to be a high school Business teacher.  I don't throw or run track anymore, but I do workout every night at L.A. Fitness.  Here's a family picture from last Christmas (I'm on the left).  I miss everyone and good luck to every one in all their events.  I would love to hear from people, so e-mail me!
(submitted February 23, 2002; updated June 27, 2003)

athlete 1988-93, coach 1994-95  e-mail
Hello to all you Flyers out there!  Hope that all of you are doing well.  My name is Kristin Whitted Fasbender and I was a member of the Flyers from 1988-1993 and I coached in 1994 and 1995.  Wow that seems like so long ago.  I was a 800,1500 runner (highest 1500 finish was second, my last season at National JO's) as well as a member of multiple national champion 4x800 meter relay teams.  I started as a Flyer when I was a youth and competed through the end of my eligibility.  I went to the University of Nebraska from 1993-1997 and was a member of the track team there.  I graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and went on to intern at the NCAA.  After my internship was up I spend a year as an Assistant Director of Championships at the Big 12 Conference in Dallas, TX.  I was in charge of game administration for championship events.  Currently I am in my second year as an Assistant Director of Championships at the NCAA.  I am responsible for the event management of 7 sports and putting on the championship events.  I love working in college athletics.  I was married to Shawn Fasbender in August of 2000 and we reside in Indianapolis, IN.  Let's see, I think one of the other questions that we were supposed to answer was about memories of being a Flyer... there are so many... the great trips -- Florida, Spokane (rowing across the lake?), California, Tennessee (whitewater rafting and my cows), Louisiana, Texas (golly was it hot!), Alabama (remember the photo in the Opelika times?) -- the fun times with teammates from all over the city, and sweeping the Intermediate Boys and Girls 4x800 relays at the National JOs in Lincoln.  I don't think I have ever seen Coach Wissler so excited.  Geez, I think the things I remember the most would have to be the people and all the friends that I made who are near and dear.  You spend a lot of time with people training, etc. when you are a Flyer and I have to mention some of them... KK (the shorter one), Jenny B, Mike, Jeff, Odie, AJ, Henry, Winbinger, Alicia K, Ben G., Kelly, Duck, Lulu, Mouse, Jenny, Tonya... not to mention the coaches... Tom, Tim, Wissler, Matt, James, Brian Sloan (where is he anyway?), and War-Baby (some of you know who I am talking about).  Those were some great times and fun summers.  I hope that you current Flyers appreciate the time and effort that is put into the program and that you enjoy it as much as you can... it was the best!  There are a ton of other things I could mention, but those can wait until we get a chance for all of us to get together sometime for a reunion.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Take care, Kristin  Christmas 2004
(submitted March 13, 2001)
News from the Kristin (Whitted) Fasbender clan.  Had a second daughter in March of 2006, currently pregnant with number three and due in August!  One more and I have a relay team.  Received a promotion to and Associate Director of Championships in August and currently the lead administrator on the NCAA Division Men’s Ice Hockey Championship (Frozen Four).  About it from here...hope all is well!
(submitted February 22, 2008)

athlete 1994-95  e-mail
Hello Flyers past and present!!!  My name is Matt Wiltse and I competed in the distance events (4x 800, 1500, 2000 Steeplechase, 5000) during my two years with the Flyers.  I was one of the few small town boys on the team and drove over 75 miles to get to practice.  It was well worth it though as I have many friendships and memories that I cherish more than the National Title that I won in the steeplechase (despite hitting a barrier on the last lap and nearly doing a face-plant on the track).  After my years with the Flyers I attended college at Concordia University and graduated in May 2000 with a degree in elementary education.  Currently I am preparing to leave our great state as I have accepted a 3rd grade teaching job in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I spent the last year teaching at Omaha Nation School in Macy, Nebraska.  I have so many memories with the Flyers that it would be impossible to mention them all.  The trips to Nationals (Knoxville, Florida, Joplin) were the best and I could go on and on with all sorts of stories.  Here are a few of the highlights (some are inside jokes, so I'm sorry if you don't get them -- actually, it's probably better if you don't): ...white-water rafting... sitting in the hot tub.... "I need a 'bamulence!" .... seeing the Coolio video about 3,000 times.... 10 x 1000 up the hill..... the bus doesn't show up, so we all make a midnight run to KC... "It's a gag gift from Jeff Novotny".... poker parties ("are you supposed to deal from the bottom?").... Shibata-wata.... bowling in Joplin... Pimpdaddy, party of eight, your table is ready.... "We expect you to behave as you are expected."..... 17 people in one van.... I guess I could go on and on, but I'll have mercy on you and stop now.  The best part of the memories were the people that helped to make them so I'll mention a few of them and I'm sorry if I leave anyone out: Captain Don, Ethan, Hayden, Horak, Shibata, Steger, Schrader, Steve, Dan, the little guys (Turner, Danny, Lee Daniel, etc.), all the ladies (Alison, Erin, Katie, Tara, Kathy, Carrie, Pam, Melissa, et al).  I also appreciate all the work that the coaches put in to help us (and put up with us).  Thanks to them (Coach Wissler, Musiel, Don, Mike, Odie, Jeff, and all the others that weren't distance-oriented) and all of the Flyers parents who helped make the trips run smoothly.  I look forward to seeing you again, and if you're ever in Vegas, look me up!  Good luck to everyone and I hope that you are doing well.  Take care and God bless.
(submitted May 15, 2001)
I am now the head coach of the Faith Lutheran High School cross country team here in Las Vegas after serving as the assistant coach for the last five years.  I turn the big 3-0 this year on September 16.
(updated August 27, 2006)

If you're a former Flyer athlete or coach, then you should be listed here!  Please take a few minutes and e-mail a short (or long) bio to the club.  Besides telling us what you're doing now, include some things from your Flyer days such as: years with the club, events participated in or coached, accomplishments/awards, best times/distances, and any other memories you'd care to share (fond or otherwise).